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January 15, 2019

best price

Buyers and Sellers need reliable information before making an important decision, listing a property for sale, negotiating the purchase of a property or accepting an offer to purchase.
In the United States the brokers and agent have a nice tool called MLS (Multiple Listing System). Here in Costa Rica you have to do extensive research to get good information in order to make an educated decision and feel comfortable.

The ABC Team is collecting such information in our database since 20 years from properties offered in our neighborhood. This includes price reductions and final sales prices. Our complete history also shows more details like locations, size of the land and construction, amenities and the time frame from listing the property for sale all the way to the final sale.

Buying or selling a property is one of the most important decisions you make in life, you should consult with one of our experienced agents.
If you are selling a property you can contact us for a quick free estimate.
If you are planning to buy a property, we will be glad to represent you as the purchaser. 
This service is free of charge since the purchaser is not required to pay a compensation to the real estate agent or broker unless otherwise agreed.
Contact us anytime for a quick estimate on your property or ask us about buyer’s representation!


Located right in front of the AutoMercado of Tamarindo, this lot has tons of potential for any commercial business. Anybody entering or leaving Tamarindo will see this property, resulting in maximum exposure and publicity. Great for any business that is starting in the area and with 500m2, you have plenty of space to design…more info.


So close to the ocean that you actually hear the waves, this cozy villa lays within a little group of homes surrounded by the tropical dry forest. Each home is perfectly nestled among the shade of trees frequently visited by monkeys and birds. The warm ocean breeze is responsible of bringing the sounds of crashing waves…more info.


Peacefulness, space and tranquility are just some of the few things that Hacienda Zaldi has to offer! Both homes, the oversized pool and a large storage space with attached carport had been built in 2008. The convenience of a private electric gate welcomes you when entering Hacienda Zaldi, sitting on 2.71 acres (1.1 ha) of land with an option to buy additional land if desired. The property is slightly elevated and consist of soft rolling hills with beautiful views all around. The main house consist of 3…more info.

As of September1st, 2017 all corporations, subsidiaries, and limited liability companies that are currently registered before the National Registry, as well as all entities incorporated in the future, will be subject to pay an annual tax.Law # 9428: “Tax over legal entities


There will be a fixed fee for inactive corporations and a progressive rate for active corporations depending on their income. The amounts go from US$ 120 -for inactive corporations- up to US$ 380 for active corporations.


If the tax is not duly paid, the National Registry will not issue, certify or register any documents for the companies, furthermore, the companies will not be able to contract with the Government or any public institution.

Credits to: GM Attorneys

GM Attorneys is a premium boutique Law Firm with offices in Flamingo Beach, Tamarindo and San Jose.


La belleza del paisaje y el bajo costo de estadía colocaron a playa Tamarindo en Guanacaste como uno de los cinco mejores destinos costeros del mundo para retirarse, según la revista International Living.

En el ranking también aparecen ciudades de Panamá, Ecuador, Malasia y Portugal.

Estas ofrecen a los jubilados paisajes acogedores, comunidades seguras y estilos de vida saludables; divertidos y satisfactorios con un presupuesto modesto.

“La mayoría de la gente ve su retiro en la playa como un retiro fantástico. Tener un lugar en el océano, sumergirse en el sol, pasar días relajados con los dedos de los pies en la arena, la pesca, el buceo, navegar, surfear, caminar en la playa al atardecer con un cóctel en la mano… eso es un hombre rico en su jubilación”, dijo Jennifer Stevens, editora ejecutiva de International Living.

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Sobre el destino nacional destaca el “pura vida”, como una actitud y una forma de vida, la abundancia natural, productos frescos, mariscos, aire puro y más de dos millas de arena dorada.

“Me dio la impresión de una ciudad costera de California de los años 60 con tiendas de surf y olas. No hay rascacielos en la playa. Solo ves árboles”, expresó Bill Sherman, sobre lo que atrajo a él y su esposa Pokey a Playa Tamarindo.

Mensualmente, una pareja podría vivir en la comunidad guanacasteca con $2.500 -vivienda incluida-, estiman los editores de la revista.

Además, tienen acceso a atención médica de alta calidad pero de bajo costo, comunidades de expatriados establecidas y habitantes de locales acogedores.


Los mejores destinos de playa para retirarse están en cinco continentes según Travel and Living.

Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Destaca la abundancia natural, productos frescos, aire puro y más de dos millas de arena dorada.

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Pedasi, Panamá. Es posible vivir cómodamente con $2 mil mensuales, incluyendo varios viajes dentro de Panamá y un viaje al exterior por año, según expatriados consultados por la revista.

Salinas, Ecuador. La playa es amplia, arenosa y limpia, bordeada por las aguas azules y tranquilas.

Penang, Malasia. Estilo de vida relajado y tentadores bajos costos de vida, jubilados de todo el mundo se han establecido aquí. Y casi todos hablan inglés, por lo que comunicarse es fácil.

Cascais, Portugal. Sus costas soleadas, habitantes amigables y precios modestos no son fantasía.

Credits to: Alexandra Cubero


Villa Metisse…. Words come short to describe this unique and amazing property. The moment you walk in, the warm and elegant atmosphere radiates from the meticulous and tasteful styling and decoration, in such a way you might not want to leave again.
Ideally located at the point, in the gated community Punta San Francisco, with private beach access to Playa Tamarindo and Playa Langosta, it is only a few steps from both the desired surf breaks of Tamarindo…more info.