New Immigration Law in Costa Rica will be applicable in March 2010.

November 20, 2009


Temporary Residences as ‘Rentista’: proves of 2500$ monthly (for yourself and family, children under 25 years old) Temporary Residences as retired: 1000$ monthly. The papers for the Temporary residences have to be presented in the Embassy or Consulate of Costa Rica. Those are granted for maximum two years and can be prolonged or renewed for another two more years. After 3 years the permanent residency can be obtained.

All resident (temporarily or permanent) have to contribute to social security!!!

If not no extension will be granted. If a foreigner stays more than the 90 days he will have to pay a 100$ per month being irregular before leaving the country; in case he doesn’t he will not enter the country for the triple of the period he has been irregular.

A tourist to enter the country will have to show the return ticket and proves of financial funds for the stay.

New memorandum effective at the Immigration Department in Costa Rica that allows you to obtain the residency as investor with the certification of owning a property with a registered value above 200,000$.

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