Plano Regulador – Zoning is on its way

November 22, 2009

Last Thursday November 19th was a meeting in Sta Cruz in the Hotel Calle Alcala were the Government presented the company Inypsa who was selected (bidding) by the government to do the Plano Regulador for Guanacaste and its individual Cantons. Inypsa is a Company from Spain with 40 years experience , worldwide active with more than 450 employees. Inypsa  just started about a month ago and will work with the local government and organisations and the people  to complete the Plano Regulador (Regulator Plan, Zoning Plan). This first meeting was mainly to listen and collect information with representatives from the cantons like Santa Cruz, Carrillo, Nicoya, Hojancha y Nandayure beside others.

Supervisor is the Consultant from Catastro y Registro Lic. Ph.D. Manuel Arguello Rodriguez and assisting to Organize the project is Yesenia Matamoros Azofeifa. At the  beginning of the meeting was a presentation by Lic. Manuel Arguello R. by using google earth to explain the different areas within Guanacaste.

It will take about 1 year to establish and approve this Plano Regulador so in Jan 2011 it can be implemented.

The presentation was followed by teamwork, dividing the participants in 2 groups with each group having at list one person of each canton representing it. The goal was to find basic points of the development and the future perspective with it´s current conditions and difficulties including the Municipalities.  There was a discussion with opinions, critic, alternatives and also the characteristics of each sub region of each Canton

After lunch the groups worked by Cantons on geographic aspects as well as hydrological, economical, social, ambient with the existing and future development. Also the individual characteristics of each Canton and it´s people followed by a presentation of each Canton to the rest of the participants.

It was motivating to see such a professional team with enthusiastic Ticos and Ticas working on the future development of Guanacaste. There is another company name Epypsa who will be in charge of just the coastal areas, but both are supervised by the same Department and will work together. Stay tuned

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