Honestidad – Honesty

December 14, 2009

A story just right for Christmas. Gerardo Acosta Rodriguez known as “Monchito” lives in Tamarindo since about 17 years, currently at Pedro´s on the beach. Originally from Santa Cruz, he makes a living by fishing and helping occasionally with the daily Tamarindo beach clean up, organized by ProMejoras and the Surfriders, when Roro or Chino have their days off. Last week Monchito found a wallet on the beach of Tamarindo with identity documents, credit cards and cash in US Dollars. He went to the Tamarindo Police station, to report and give in what he found. Nice to have people like Monchito in Tamarindo. Pura Vida

One Response to “Honestidad – Honesty”

  1. luis alonso Says:

    Personas como Monchito son las que mantienen vivo el verdadero espiritu del costarricense pura vida.
    Espero que su ejemplo sea fuente de inspiracion para todos nosotros.

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