Mono Congo Puentes – Monkey Bridges

March 18, 2010

100 bridges for the monkeys, mainly for the Howlers called Mono Congo had been placed along the Coast between Potrero and Junquillal so the Monkeys can travel as they used to; without being electrocuted because using cables or in danger by traffic or dogs.  The organization Salvemonos (I love that name) founded by Pato,  Simona from Hotel Luna Llena and  then was  joined by Hotel Capitan Suizo and their team, have managed with the University of Costa Rica, Coopeguanacaste, ICE, ICT, Municipalidad, Minae and Minaet within 5 years to make it happen. They are looking for volunteers like neighbors to watch and report important things regarding these bridges. It could take up to one year until the monkeys use these new bridges in order to  travel as they did before. Their diet contains fruits, leaves and flowers. Some trees produce a toxic liquid  if the monkeys eat leaves and flowers to often from one single tree, because they cant travel, they get sick or even die. Amazing how nature works and it’s great to see such projects and peolpe who care. A wonderful example, so lets support Salvemonos and the people behind them.

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