Gary is retiring

July 13, 2010

Dear Clients and Colleagues,

This letter is to announce the retirement of Gary Clarke and to express our appreciation for the valuable contribution he made to our company during his career with ABC Real Estate.

Gary’s and Jolene’s efforts and achievements were much appreciated by all colleagues and clients of the company.

We will find it hard to replace their blend of skills and experience.

They have worked very hard in their career and we believe that they have earned the right to enjoy more time with family and friends and to pursue all the projects they have in mind.

We offer them our best wishes for health and happiness in their well deserved retirement.

The ABC Team

2 Responses to “Gary is retiring”

  1. barbara kostenski Says:

    i am returning home from kauai.i miss my family and friends very much. the island is very beautiful but unless you have a friend, family or someone special in your life it is just too lonely, good luck with your retirement. enjuy. love barbara

  2. michel Says:

    dear MRS and Mr Clarke,
    I wish you a long and beautiful retirement, thank you for your proficency.
    Best regards

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