Power outage notification

September 24, 2010

If you like to be notified by email when the electricity will be cut off, send an email to: gcoronado@coopeguanacaste.com and ask: “Me gustaria de estar notificado por correo electronico si hay corte de la luz en la zona de Tamarindo”.
They say they inform monthly. Pura Vida
Lets hope we never get an email.

Si usted desea ser notificado por correo electrónico cuando se corte la luz, envíe un correo electrónico a: gcoronado@coopeguanacaste.com y hace la solicitud por la zona de Tamarindo.
Dicen que informará mensualmente. Pura Vida
Esperamos que nunca llegaria un correo.

One Response to “Power outage notification”

  1. […] In my opinion for a being in a developing country, Tamarindo has an excellent power supply with only very occasional and very brief outages. Usually only a few seconds or a minute or two max. But what’s up with the very occasional organized power outages? Why do they happen and what is the reason behind it? Are we low on power? Being that I’m sitting here at this very moment at the local Tamarindo Subway Sandwich Shop because it’s the only place in town with working power and internet, and I’m in the middle of several work related IT emergencies and a downed site, it’s not exactly a good time to deal with a power outage. I was not informed about the one today but evidently it was planned between 8am and 2pm. Maybe there’s an alert system of some kind to receive notifications about it but I’m not aware of one. It’s a word a mouth kind of thing for me until I figure that one out. I found this link for possible a solution. It’s an old post on the ABC realty blog so I’m not sure if it still works. Use at your own risk: https://abccostaricablog.wordpress.com/2010/09/24/power-outage-notification/ […]

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