REAL FIRE SALE on Casa Papaya $145,000 Limited Time

July 3, 2012

REAL FIRE SALE – LIMITED TIME! 2-Bedroom Home with 360° Views — Ready to be completely renovated by Buyer. Accepting offers now through July 10, 2012 $145,000

ABC Real Estate Tamarindo 360° Views: Casa Papaya sits on top of a hill with a 7,000 m2 lot, commanding 360° views of the surrounding area, including valley, mountain, and partial ocean views.
ABC Real Estate Tamarindo Convenient: While surrounded by nature, this home is conveniently located with short drives to Tamarindo and other nearby towns, Country Day School, and the famous “Reserva Conchal” golf resort and five-star hotel.
ABC Real Estate Tamarindo Features: With a private swimming pool, a large living area, and 2 bedrooms that overlook the valley, you will definitely enjoy the tranquility of Casa Papaya in a private and relaxing environment. Two terraces allow for more space to build complementing structures.
ABC Real Estate Tamarindo Renovating: The house has been cleared out and is ready for you to begin a complete renovation.
ABC Real Estate Tamarindo Casa Papaya Limited-Time Offer $145,000
Two-Bedroom Renovation Property with Valley Views, Ref.# ABC-H046
Make an offer on this great opportunity before July 10, 2012… View Full Details

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