Earthquake 7.6 at 8.42am

September 5, 2012


Roof tiles got loose, Bar La Garita had many broken bottles, no mayor damages no broken windows at the entire building.

The earthquake came unexpected even though it was predicted since a long time to happen on the Gold Coast of Costa Rica in Guanacaste. The epic center was as expected in the area of Samara, about 90 km south of Tamarindo. It started of little and reached 7.6 on the Richter scale. It took about 30 seconds and was an incredible and frightening experience. The good news is that there was no major damage, mostly some roof tiles falling off, broken glass in some commercial centers with big windows. Also things like bottles and TV’s etc fallen of the shelves or broken water pipes at a few properties. All this is fairly easy to fix. The best was that as far as we heard till now, there is no dead or heavily injured person.  It feels pretty good that nobody got hurt considering the impact it had. We drove through Tamarindo and the surrounding area today and had been impressed how the buildings and structures had no visible damaged. The engineers did a good job and it shows that Costa Rica has great building codes because of such earthquakes. Here is a small video

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