Hacienda Pinilla Contributes to Our Planet

May 16, 2013

ABC Real Estate Costa Rica
Many years ago, Hacienda Pinilla started an ambitious reforestation program in which a large amount of trees would be planted every year. This would take place in order to recuperate any trees may have been taken away during development, contributing to the preservation of our native forest that was here long before any of us. According to Roberto Leon, COA Coordinator in Hacienda Pinilla, many efforts have been put into growing native species in their nursery; trees that require very little water, and almost no maintenance. The idea is to eventually substitute foreign species with the native ones, and to promote this among property owners, too.

ABC Real Estate Costa RicaHacienda Pinilla’s reforestation program includes giving property owners the opportunity to get these trees for free, or at a very low cost. Available species include Malinche, Guanacaste, Almendro de Monte, and Sandalo. By motivating people to plant them in their own backyards, they can very much contribute to creating a much better place for us to live, and for future generations to enjoy and appreciate.

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