Tamarindo Surf Spot Guide

February 10, 2014

Tamarindo Surf Spot Guide | Costa Rica JourneysSurfing is one of Tamarindo’s most popular activities, but which of our area surf spots is best? Find out in Costa Rica Journeys‘ recent article, “Tamarindo Surf Spot Guide” about the surf breaks around Tamarindo, “the epitome of a perfect tropical holiday destination.”

Playa Tamarindo: El Estero presents consistent surf all year round with groundswells up to 10 feet, while Pico Pequeno has small double beach breaks to the right with powerful waves

Playa Langosta: 50 to 150m left-to-right breaking waves with good swells from the west and southwestTamarindo Surf Spot Guide | Costa Rica Journeys

Isla Capitan: Exposed reef with right and left breaks, recommended for experienced surfers only

Capitan Suizo: Incosistent beach breaks with short powerless waves

Playa Grande: Consistent, fast beach breaks with barrel waves and long rides

Read the full article for more great information on winds, swells, and the best times to surf, plus reviews of area surf camps & shops, and more. What’s your favorite Tamarindo-area surf spot? Tell us why!

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