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October 31, 2015

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by Jogi Jürgen Gerner, Broker

In case you don’t know it yet, I like to recommend you to check out Waze, an excellent tool to navigate the streets of the world. Especially handy in Costa Rica, since there are no street names. It is entertaining and useful for longer distances and I was very please recently to find a recommended mechanic in San Jose very easily, just type in the name of the business and it brought me right to it’s door. Just download the App for free to your smartphone and you are all set. Get warnings about hazards, police and speed traps, traffic jams etc. Through the Waze community. Roads turn yellow if traffic gets slow or red when there is stand still. You have to activate the GPS (location) feature on your phone which quickly drains your battery, so better connect the charger while using Waze. It is a social App and can be fun as well since you get points for helping the Waze community and you see other “Wazers” on the roads close to you. Waze is Pura Vida… read what The Washington Post said

by, Mark Venegas, Real Estate Consultant

As the rains begin to dissipate, local businesses are getting ready for what will surely be another active dry season full of tourists. Besides simply enjoying the magnificent white sand beach and relaxing, Tamarindo is visited yearly by thousands of tourist that traditionally come here for:

Surfing at various spots in Tamarindo, Langosta, Playa Grande, Avellanas and Playa Negra. Tamarindo being an ideal “command center”.1

Paddle boarding has also become popular in Tamarindo.

• Excellent sport fishing, up and down the coast.


Other popular things to do are:
•  Diving and snorkeling, with trips to the nearby Catalina Islands.
•  Play golf at either of the two world class courses at Hacienda Pinilla or Reserva Conchal.
•  Miniature Golf.
•  Tennis.
•  Take a relaxing estuary tour up the Tamarindo estuary that is part of Las Baulas National Park. Or rent some kayaks and tour it yourself.
•  Also in Las Baulas National Park you can see the amazing Leatherback Turtles. The to4ur season to see these incredible animals are between mid-October – mid February.
•  Get muddy, or dusty (depending on the time of the year), being part of some fun ATV tours.
•  Jet Ski rentals.
•  Various options for a fun Canopy (zip line) tour.
•  Close to town, or adventure farther inland for some bird watching.
•  Horseback riding.
•  Take a tour, or rent a car, and go enjoy some nearby National Parks like; Las Baulas, Barra Honda, Volcan Rincon de La Vieja, Santa Rosa (where you’ll find the famous Witches Rock surf spot), Palo Verde (great for bird watching), Arenal Lake/Volcano.
You will also find in Tamarindo various tour companies that can take you too many of these places.
•    View this beautiful area from the air upon a two person Gyrocopter tour.
•    Catamaran/Sailboat tours that offer day trips or a soothing sunset ride.
And of course we cannot forget the incredible dining that Tamarindo has to offer. You can find from a tasty burger or taco to fine Costa Rican and international cuisine all through Tamarindo.


Measuring Regulatory Quality and Efficiency finds that entrepreneurs in 122 economies saw improvements in their local regulatory framework last year. Between June 2014 and June 2015, the report, which measures 189 economies worldwide, documented 231 business reforms. Among reforms to reduce the complexity and cost of regulatory processes, those in the area of starting a business were the most common in 2014/15, as in the previous year. The next most common were reforms in the areas of paying taxes, getting electricity and registering property. Read about business reforms.
Costa Rica, Uganda, Kenya, Cyprus, Mauritania, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Jamaica, Senegal and Benin are among the economies that improved the most in 2014/2015 in areas tracked by Doing Business. Together, these 10 top improves implemented 39 regulatory reforms making it easier to do business.

Read full report: http://www.doingbusiness.org/reports/global-reports/doing-business-2016
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