Very Convenient – Online payments

October 14, 2015

ABC Real Estate Costa Rica

This funny phrase is becoming history: “Banco Nacional, mas cerca de usted…donde la fila llega hasta su casa”
The banks in Costa Rica are providing a better online service to make our lives easier. Now you can pay many services online from home / your office; even if you are out of the country. Never be late or forget to pay water, electricity, cable TV, Central Government Taxes, security services, Seguro Social CCSS, school fees, etc and many more. Some services like paying local taxes with the municipalities are not ready yet, but are in the process and hopefully working soon.
Did you know that you can now pay your HOA fees monthly and automatically to your property manager?
You can also make donations for the Tamarindo association ADITamarindo or make monthly automatic payments of 30, 60 or US$100. Just set the amount, the start and end date.
Here are detailed instructions in English and Español for Banco Nacional users:

One Response to “Very Convenient – Online payments”

  1. verena4tamarindo Says:

    Please change the word frase to phrase.



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