Vindi is part of Automercado and smaller more like a Am Pm or Fresh Market. They will open before the end of this year when the new building is finished. It will have just 3 stores with new well known businesses, the two others are not confirmed yet. For now we are excited to have Vindi in town soon.

Here is more about Vindi:

d140 formThe new corporation tax law, 9428, imposes a D-140 registration requirement on any and all CR corporations.

The deadline for submitting the D-140 Form to the Tax Administration depends on the last number of your Corporate ID: (Pursuant to the Regulations to Law No. 9428)

– 1 y 2: before October 31st, 2017.
– 3 y 4: before November 30, 2017.
– 5 y 6: before December 31st, 2017. – 7 y 8: before January 31st, 2018.
– 9 y 0: before February 28, 2018.

3-101-222222 Must submit the Form before October 31st, 2017.

Form available in the following link: Click Here

Failure to comply with this requirement, will be sanctioned with a penalty that will be calculated based on the delay in payment (but never exceeding the amount equivalent to three base salaries: USD$ 2300, approximately).

Below, please find the step by step process:

1. Fill out and sign the Form.
2. Authentication of the signature by a Costa Rican Notary Public (stamps must be attached)*.
3. Submit the Form before the Tax Authority.

For this specific case, it is possible to submit the Form before any Tax Authority Office “Oficina de Administración Tributaria**”.

People outside the country, must grant a POA in order to be able to submit the Form on time.

GM Attorneys was so kind and had sent out this info. They are a Law Firm with offices in Flamingo Beach, Tamarindo and San Jose. For more info please contact your attorney, accountant or GM Attorneys

Projects in the Tropics

October 12, 2017


Years back the reality and needs of Costa Rica in general were very different, the need to approve and complete large projects wasn’t so urgent, but the popularity of this beautiful country has been, for quite a while, basically forcing the government to step up and address multiple infrastructure needs throughout the country. Our own bureaucracy, and politics, make that large projects seem to take forever to get approved, but eventually they do and were able to then envoy, for example, the new Liberia International Airport, the expansion of the Interamerican road, Liberia – San Jose, and more close to home the new road between 27 de Abril and Tamarindo.

For various years local governments, ASADAs, and towns all around Tamarindo have been trying to get the central government to solve the water issue the coastal towns have been experiencing. They stepped up and this is now being done with the Nimboyores project that will bring water to the coast from an inland wetland. This project has begun and is underway.

The new Flamingo Marina project has been at a standstill for years, but just days ago the permit remaining to be approved, needed for the go-ahead, has been approved. The project will consist of 211 slips accommodating yachts up to 110′, fueling station, dry dock, a boutique hotel, a convention center with capacity for 800 people, a commercial area for restaurants, bars, etc. This is very good news for the area and hopefully construction will start soon.

Our electricity provider, Coopeguanacaste, recently inaugurated the Juanilama Solar Park that will help bring clean energy to our area, and they plan on building more solar parks in the area. They are also working on installing various wind turbines just outside Santa Cruz.

The road accessing Tamarindo was recently re-surfaced making that ride much smoother. The Santa Cruz Municipality has promised, again, funds for the Tamarindo – Langosta road. I know that the ADI of Tamarindo (asociación de desarrollo integral de Tamarindo) and local residents will be vigilant to make sure this project materializes.

Tamarindo has gone through its own “growing pains”, and due to that new building codes are now in effect and the town is thriving in a more orderly fashion. New businesses have been popping up and in the past 2-3 years and there are easily around 25 new homes built, more under construction and also those awaiting permits. And we’re going to have a real movie theater in town! This is set to be completed in late November.

Large projects may take more time to complete here than in the more developed countries, but life in these wonderful tropics is good, more tranquil and Tamarindo offers all kind of amenities needed to live a modern lifestyle. It will be our pleasure to help you find your spot so you can begin to enjoy the Pura Vida life.