Finding the best property

August 16, 2018


Our local real estate market is not huge, or very structured and regulated. There are several actors in it as well. Over a dozen agencies have presence in the area. Just like in any other modern economic activity, knowledge or the access to information could be the one and only key to success. ABC Real Estate is a reputable agency with close to two decades of presence in Tamarindo. The way we work and gather basic information of our line of work has proven to be very effective.

Looking into the most recent transactions I have closed, I´ve found myself in the seller´s side of the equation representing my own listings, in the buyer´s side, selling in-house listings, other agencies´ listings, and even properties that were not on the market.

In any case, our goal is to make deals happen putting the buyer and seller parties together. Looking into the human nature behind these financial transactions, what we are producing is satisfaction to people because they have achieved their own goals. The case might be that of a seller whose last barrier from moving on to his next adventure is selling his home in Costa Rica. I recently had the case and my selling customer couldn´t be happier as his home in Costa Rica sold successfully faster than what he expected. The other case is that of a buyer who finds with us his dream property in the tropical paradise we live in. You can tell how grateful they are with you in closings.

Every day, colleagues from most of the other agencies in the area approach us bringing in their buyers to see our listings. They know we have high ethical standards and are accessible to work with. On the other hand, recently a buyer client assured happily that I had managed to show her all available properties matching her wish list and budget. She made an informed decision and bought the best property for her needs. This was a co-brokerage deal.

In the end, it is hard to describe how pleasant it is to make these deals happen and run into former clients in town and see how happy they are because we sold their home, lot, condo, etc or because they bought something we found for them or a fellow realtor found for them in one of our listings. That is what we are here for.

Credits to: Federico Fernandez

For the next couple of months or so, Tamarindo and the surrounding communities are going to have some dificulties obtaining new, or renovating water letters. Here below you can find an official report from the Asamblea Legislativa of the AYA regarding the water situation in Tamarindo and surrounding areas.

Durante los próximos meses, Tamarindo y las comunidades aledañas tendrán algunas dificultades para obtener nuevas cartas de agua o renovarlas. A continuación, puede encontrar un informe oficial de la Asamblea Legislativa del AYA sobre la situación del agua en Tamarindo y sus alrededores.

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Hilltop Estates, or its official name ¨Condominio Paseo por los Arboles¨, is the ultimate master planned gated community located right in Tamarindo. Featuring paved roads, underground electricity, water hookup and  a perimeter fence it is a unique option to acquire a homesite in a splendid place…more info.