As a real property and/or CR corporation owner, you should be aware of taxes that need to be paid annually. Those who do not pay may be subject to fines and judicial collection procedures


Real property owners must pay the Impuestos Bienes Inmuebles(Property Tax) and recolección basura(garbage collection fee) to the Municipalidad(Municipal Government) where the real property is located.

The property tax is 0.25% of the registered value of the property, which is either the purchase price paid or the value assigned by the Tax Office. 


The garbage collection fee is a fixed amount, adjusted yearly, that must be collected along with the property taxes. The municipality determines the fee based on location and on whether the property is used for residential or commercial purposes.

The Municipalidad de Santa Cruz does not always charge both in the same statement and this can cause confusion and problems to owners. The municipality has attributed this to “lack of updated records and/or to administrative errors within the system”. Therefore, please review your statement carefully to avoid unpleasant surprises.

This property tax and garbage collection fee can be paid a year in advance or quarterly. However, if paid quarterly, you must pay before the end of each quarter to avoid interest charges. The first quarter of the year ends on March 31stof each year-

Owners must fill out a form to update the value of the real property every five years. Failure to do so can lead to a Municipality assessment and fines. The Municipality is presently requiring property owners to update the value of their properties prior to the last quarter of this year 2018 and first quarter of 2019.

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CONDO GUAPINOL 6, also known as CASA SERENA, is a luxury beach condo located in the prestigious neighbourhood of Playa Langosta. It is one of the 9 units in the condominium complex Villas Guapinol in Guanacaste province, along the Gold Coast.
Playa Langosta, with its endless beach and astonishing sunsets, is at a 5-minute walk. Restaurants and grocery stores can be found at a short walk in Langosta or at a 15-minute walk in the centre of Tamarindo with many restaurants…more info.

Location, location, location

October 15, 2018

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It’s the real estate agents hymn: Location, location, location. You’ve probably heard the phrase before and may wonder what motivates agents to say the word three times. Basically, location, location, location means homes can go through large increases or decreases in value due to nothing more than their neighborhood. The sayings repeated three times for emphasis, and is considered one of the most important rules in real estate, while also often the most overlooked. You may find a nice property somewhere but if you ignore this phrase and it’s not in the right location for you it will grow old sooner then later.

So begin your search for a property in Costa Rica by figuring out what location fits your needs the best. Do you want to be in a city like San Jose, in the mountains, or maybe on one of the over 300 beaches of Costa Rica? Other things to consider is what kind of amenities you would like; high speed internet, markets, private/public schools, accessibility, restaurants, night life, electricity, water, closeness to an international airport, etc. Some beach towns, like Tamarindo, Flamingo, El Coco, to mention a few on the north pacific coast, may have pretty much everything while more remote areas may not.

Ideally you should do some homework, read up on the different areas before you book your trip. If you’ve never been here I recommend to visit various places, this alone will result in a fun and informative trip since just about all the beaches here have their own distinct beauty. Once you’ve found the area that offers the most for you it’s time to engage a Realtor for that area.

The Realtors that specialize in specific areas tend to know that area the best and can guide you to hopefully find the property that best suits you. The agents at ABC Real Estate are experts for Tamarindo and the surrounding areas. I know we can find the ideal property for you. Contact us and we’ll get started at preparing a tour for your specific needs.

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The Right Price

October 15, 2018

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When a buyer is searching for a property, no matter what type it is (Condo, Home, Lot, etc.) he/she does research to see what they can buy with their finances, they end up engaging a realtor and viewing properties in the area they like and within their budget.

On the other side, that of the seller, finding the right price to list their property is essential. They also contact a realtor, usually various realtors, to hear what they think the property should list for. Hopefully, the realtor does his/her own research looking for comparables, etc., views the property and gives a realistic #. But many times the seller comes back saying “OH, but I think my property is worth much more”, and they end up listing the property with the realtor that isn’t truly honest with them and tells them “I think you’re right” just to obtain the listing. This results in that the property stays on the market for an extended time with few showings and the seller is forced to lower the price down to what it should have been listed for in the first place. Wasted time.

This is one of the worst mistakes a seller can do. First, that realtor probably isn’t in tune with the realities of the local market and second, the seller is losing out on actual opportunities, missing real buyers that didn’t even try to see the property because it was out of their budget.

Nowadays, buyers are usually well informed and have done their research. If they don’t see the property because it’s overpriced, they will buy something else. Opportunity lost for that seller.

By no means am I suggesting not to try to get as much as possible for your property, but be sure to listen to advice and make an intellectual decision on which price to list your property at.

A realistically priced property will get more showings, attract qualified buyers and will result in a more prompt sale, saving time for everyone involved.

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Casa Azul del Mar allows for private and modern living in a quiet residential area at only 3 minutes walking to Langosta Beach, and at the same time it offers a beautiful view over the canopy and the ocean from the balcony! Truly unique! It is a stylish modern home with floor-to-ceiling glass parties connecting the indoors with the lush green garden, terrace and beautiful swimming pool…more info.



Lote 14 at Tierra Pacifica is the perfect fit for those who dream of building a residential home or family compound in a tropical paradise, near pristine beaches, inside a residential community with high-end amenities. Tierra Pacifica is a one-of-a-kind private community of 220 acres of natural surroundings of which 40% is preserved green zone with nature trails. The entrance is guarded 24 hours…more info.


Lote Xavier is a beautiful building lot located in the community of Rio Santo in Hernández, in a strategic position to reach the beaches north and south of Tamarindo. The lot itself borders the public paved road between Tamarindo and Santa Cruz, allowing commercial activity, yet the building platform is located a few tens of meters higher up, blessing this lot with 360-degree views over the valley…more info.