Location, location, location

October 15, 2018

Location pic

It’s the real estate agents hymn: Location, location, location. You’ve probably heard the phrase before and may wonder what motivates agents to say the word three times. Basically, location, location, location means homes can go through large increases or decreases in value due to nothing more than their neighborhood. The sayings repeated three times for emphasis, and is considered one of the most important rules in real estate, while also often the most overlooked. You may find a nice property somewhere but if you ignore this phrase and it’s not in the right location for you it will grow old sooner then later.

So begin your search for a property in Costa Rica by figuring out what location fits your needs the best. Do you want to be in a city like San Jose, in the mountains, or maybe on one of the over 300 beaches of Costa Rica? Other things to consider is what kind of amenities you would like; high speed internet, markets, private/public schools, accessibility, restaurants, night life, electricity, water, closeness to an international airport, etc. Some beach towns, like Tamarindo, Flamingo, El Coco, to mention a few on the north pacific coast, may have pretty much everything while more remote areas may not.

Ideally you should do some homework, read up on the different areas before you book your trip. If you’ve never been here I recommend to visit various places, this alone will result in a fun and informative trip since just about all the beaches here have their own distinct beauty. Once you’ve found the area that offers the most for you it’s time to engage a Realtor for that area.

The Realtors that specialize in specific areas tend to know that area the best and can guide you to hopefully find the property that best suits you. The agents at ABC Real Estate are experts for Tamarindo and the surrounding areas. I know we can find the ideal property for you. Contact us and we’ll get started at preparing a tour for your specific needs.

Credits to: Mark Venegas

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