How much – Cuanto cuesta?

May 15, 2019

Prices of properties depends a lot on the whereabouts. There are these famous three words in real estate that most of you have heard about before: Location, location, location! The most common three sought after locations in Tamarindo are beachfront, ocean view and walking distance to the beach. There is a wide price range between those different type of properties. Many times, people ask “how much is the price for land in Tamarindo”? Currently the prices range from about US$100 to US$1000 per m².

Less than 5% of land in Costa Rica on the beach is titled, “con escritura”, or fee simple. Tamarindo is one of the unique beach towns that were developed early and before the law changed in the 70’s to concession land. Because of that, most of the land on the beach in Tamarindo is titled.


Beachfront was always and still is the most desired land. Therefore, it is the most valuable. Currently you will not find a beachfront property below US$1000 per m². In fact, you have to be lucky to find any available ones for sale right now. Small lots in prime commercial areas can easily double that number.


Other sought-after properties are the ones with ocean view. Prices for these start around US$170 per m². Depending on the view, usable space, infrastructure and location, prices can go up to US$500 per m², or even higher if those properties are in a gated community.


The third interesting property group to look out for are the ones within walking distance to the beach. Currently there are no properties available below US$100 per m² within this category. If you should find one, we recommend you to buy it. A general rule is that closer to the beach you get, the higher the prices are. The history in sales for over more than 20 years confirms that lots closer to the beach sold for about half the price than the beachfront lots.

We are glad to help you find the best property to purchase, or give a free estimate if you are interested in selling yours.

3 Responses to “How much – Cuanto cuesta?”

  1. Kate Says:

    How much are lots in Hacienda Pinilla in the gated Reserva de Golf? If prices for fire sale? How long does it take to sell it?

    • Hi Kate, the prices range from US$125,000 to 295,000 depending the location. The ones on the green are usually above 200K. We have seen some lots had been listed with different brokers and agents for more than 2 years. The developer sold out so all lots are resales.
      If you like to sell one we will be happy to give you a price recommendation with a selling time frame projection based on the marketing strategy. In case you are interested in purchasing we will be glad to help you finding the best option.

      • Kate Says:

        Thank you for your prompt reply. I realize it is last minute but l will be coming to Tamarindo today ( Monday) and am interested in speaking with you about lot 120 Reserva de Golf at Hacienda Pinilla which l need to sell.
        I will call you or if you’re available please call me 506-8359-1510 Thank you Kate

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