Mark Venegas retired, 11 years at ABC

October 13, 2019

September Blog 2018


Friends and colleagues, this is to inform you that Mark Venegas decided to retire from selling Real Estate. After working with the ABC Team for 11 years he is ready to pursue a new project in his life. We are very sorry to see him leave and are grateful for being able to call him part of our company over such a long time. His trustworthiness and reliability was valued by customers and coworkers alike. He was not only appreciated as an agent but also as a friend that he became over time. We will definitely miss him at ABC but what will stay are the memories of good times over all those years. We wish him all the best for his new stage in life.

Mark: “After contemplating this decision for a while, I have decided to retire from selling Real Estate. It is time to move on to something new. It has been an interesting, and I believe, productive 11 years working in Real Estate. With all of the ups and downs that come with any job, the most satisfying aspect I will take with me is having met so many great people and making new friends. I am eternally grateful to Jogi and Verena for giving me this opportunity to work with ABC Real Estate. They have always maintained high ethical standards and I am privileged to have met them.”

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